Me and my spotted dick

Verbrochen von Herrn Olsen am 16|11|2007

Dear Jenn,
Deutsche Post…DHL ahhh whatever finally managed to send the pack to us.
(They probably read this and gave it some extra priority (-:)Le spotted dick c’est arrivé
That means that now I am an official and very proud owner of my very own very spotted dick!
(Although Clarence claims it’s his)
da pue and the smell of the big wide world
This Heinz guy also put a very important instruction for dummies like me on the bottom of the can in order to open my spotted dick container correctly:
Opening for dummies
Thank you very very much for all the other goodies in the box. I’m not sure if I can cook a beef stew with the mysterious missing ingredient but I promise I’ll do my very best and maybe post the results in the blog.
Unfortunately everyone went to bed already so I can’t turn on the dailyfoolishness soundtrack (-:
Fortunately I have a CDPlayer at work (((-:

P.S.: I ate all the lollies.



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